Quadrant Space provide engineering service including powerplant system test, structural strength analysis, data analysis, fault diagnosis, etc. We support customers in powerplant development, trial production, final assembly, commission, flight test, delivery, improvement, field support, training, troubleshooting, data analysis, aftersales, maintenance, etc. We mainly offer the following services,

· Powerplant thermal management system (PTMS) test;

· Powerplant control system (PCS) test;

· Powerplant electrical system (PES) test;

· Powerplant installation system (including engine, generator and accessories) test;

· Lubricating system test;

· Cooling system (including air-cooled and liquid-cooled) test;

· Powerplant components (thermostats, radiators, valves, sensors, etc.) test;

· Fuel system (including fuel tank, fuel pipeline and accessories) test;

· Aircraft engine performance test;

· Aircraft engine / air propeller performance test;

· Aircraft engine / transmission system / rotor system test;

· Powerplant components (thermostats, radiators, valves, sensors, etc.) test.