Our Analytical Ferrography provides a simple way to monitor machine wear by observing the particles of different sizes on ferrograms. Particles in test samples are separated on ferrogram surface by magnetic fields, due to differences in sizes and materials.

The ferrograms are then viewed under a microscope for detailed analysis including particle sizes, shape, materials, etc. A video camera connected to a computer displays, prints, stores and retrieves ferrographic images. Particle parameters like shape, color, and size indicate the type and severity of wears, and thus help to prevent machine over wear or malfunction diagnostics.

Compared with other diagnostic methods, such as vibration method and performance parameter method, ferrography is capable of wear prediction at a very early stage, and thus has been popular in machine wear failure prevention and diagnosis.

Technical Parameter
Maximum Magnetic Field Gradient >5.0T/cm Ferrogram 60mmx24mmx0.17mm
Magnetic Field The maximum field strength of the magnetic field > 1.6T
Timer Timer can be set at any time within 99 minutes
Instrument Leveling Instruments can be adjusted with the 60′ round level bubble
Oil Delivered Range Fast: 60ml/h–120ml/h;Slow: 10ml/h–60ml/h