Our Direct Reading Ferrography is a complete analytical system for the separation and interpretation of wear and contaminant particles in used lubricant oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants and fuels. Easy to operate and high in repeatability, the system provides fast results to monitor heath status and trouble shoot of machines.

Direct Reading Ferrography consists of hardware and software. Particles in test samples are separated in a high gradient magnetic field, and then measured by photoelectric sensor to deliver concentration levels of large and small particles in curves. Comparison of old ferrogram curves with the new ones from recent test samples allows determination of evolving wear modes inside a machine or engine.

Technical Parameter
Maximum Magnetic Field Gradient > 5.0T/cm Reading Accuracy 0.1
Magnetic Field The maximum field strength of the magnetic field > 1.5T
Partition Size 10-1μm~102μm(order of magnitude)
Appearance Size 315mm×223mm×131mm
Ferrotube Φ3mm×100mm Capillart Tube Φ1.2mm×700mm