Quadrant Space provides analysis service in the fields of strength, vibration, fatigue, thermodynamics analysis and CFD analysis with an experienced engineering team. An engineering center is set up with German HELIX together in the area of engineering application of aircraft propeller for our common customers. Supported by our up-to-date technology in systematic design integration and testing capability for power plant, a high qualified engineering service can be ensured in the area of aircraft development and production for our customers.

· Structural strength simulation;

· Multi-body dynamics simulation;

· Rotor dynamic analysis;

· Kinematics analysis;

· Vibration and noise analysis;

· Thermodynamic analysis;

· Fatigue analysis;

· CFD analysis;

· Electro-Magnet analysis;

· 1D thermodynamic simulation and performance analysis of piston engine;

· 3D simulation and performance analysis of piston engine.